Thursday, November 22, 2007


Eek! Another squeak in. Just like the mice I can hear scratching above me in the roof. At least they're quieter than the Possum - it sound like he is wearing Doc Martins Boots, the way he pounds over the corrugated iron roof.

It's raining steadily on that roof and the sound is so reassuring. I know our poor old Valiant Safari will have a mini swimming pool in the front tomorrow but I would not give this steady rain away for anything.

This morning there was mist every where as I caught the train to work and the moisture has made the rocks bloom with colourful algae.

The journey home was met by an thunderstorm in full force so there was no computer work happening while the lightning cracked above that iron roof. I wonder if that is why we have had two printers and one Modem zapped by lightning strikes?

It looks as though La NiƱa has well and truly arrived and I welcome her.


Mogginic said...

I know the feeling. Im in the lower mountains and it was "interesting" to watch ghost whisperer and having lighting and thunder rolling around. Im still getting used to the storms in the mountains, im from the coast and they would come and go fierce and fast, where i am , they come in fierce hang around for an hour, kind of go away and then come back! (hmm bit like unwanted guests !).

Shirley Goodwin said...

The mountains look wonderful with that colour on them! We could use some rain at the moment - it's nearly 30 degrees here today (though Rangiora can get much hotter - over 40 has been recorded). My garden is suffering a bit.

I have already been snipping off some of my flax bush to play with!