Sunday, November 04, 2007

Don's Gone

The Don's gone - it's 2:45 am and the last cable has been coiled, Gobos collected and Scrollers derigged. There are still a lot of lamps in the rig but there's also a set underneath that has to be struck.

The Opera season has also finished and is Bumping out as well so Central Passage is occupied by a large Semi truck dripping from the rain outside.

It's a cool wet morning and I'm hoping there's a cab waiting outside to take me home. Three days off coming up and the mountains are calling.


amanda j said...

Enjoy your break! Happy knitting!

kate said...

Will you be able to keep up your daily blogging? I'm about to think about my blog entry for today and am wondering how I'll ever manage to do this every day!

I was somewhat desperate two days ago and posted my scarf collection, which looks pretty pathetic after I've looked around on some knitting blogs. I think I should stick to gardening ... but with winter around the corner here, it's hard to blog about the garden.

Have a good break and enjoy the mountains!