Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Scent of Twilight

Twilight, I'm bringing the washing in from the line and a sweet soft scent fills the air. Not the pungent richhness of the Port Wine Magnolia or the sharp perfume of the Jasmine - this is the gentle, tantalising aroma of the Native Frangipani. It's in full bloom at present and because of the recent rain is the best I have ever seen or smelt.

All the flowering trees in the garden are going to put on a good show this year, the Christmas Bush is a mass of buds getting ready for the season and the Blueberry Ash is going to be covered with little petticoat shaped, pink blooms very soon.

The only tree that hasn't come to flower is the New Zealand Christmas Bush or Pohutukawa. The streets of Bondi are lined with this hardy tree and they are all in full flower so why isn't mine? It's very healthy and has plenty of moisture - maybe it's too comfortable and doesn't feel the need to reproduce.

On either side of the reticent Kiwi the Blueberry Ash and the fluffy yellow blooms of Backhousia Myrtifolia are certainly doing their bit for the honeyeaters and the bees. One could honestly say that everything in the garden is lovely.

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Lien said...

One of things that makes it feel like summer is the nights filled with the scent of star jasmine! Our new place is full of them and on a particularly warm night, they seem to have more of it to share!