Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Getting a Grow On

The Melbourne Cup is about to start and I have placed my once in a year bet - Master O'Reilly and Purple Moon - both hot favourites. I chose them because I like the numbers - no logical system there. (Purple moon second - Master didn't even place, this is why I don't bet.)

Outside it's another cool, wet day and I am cooking more Cumquat marmalade and being entertained by the antics of the Cockatoos as they bully the little Crimsons Rosellas and King Parrots away from the bird feeder.

There was a new seed bell put out this morning and the big sharp beaks of these Cockies has decimated it. Most of the seed has fallen to the ground where it is sprouting in a green carpet, competing with the strawberries for space.

The constant rain has spurred the garden to a real grow on.

The rainforest Native Frangipani is blooming,

the Mulberry tree is in fruit (Mmmm - jam),

the passionfruit vine has flowered for the first time and the Tomato plants have doubled in height.

All this has happened without my intervention as I am not a gardener. I am glad there is someone in the house who has got a green thumb as my theory is - put it in the ground - if it survives, well and good.

On the down side this picture is worthy of a CSI investigation. The crime scene was littered with Currawong feathers with only one bloody bone left. It may have been a cat but Currawongs are not small birds - maybe a fox? Still a disturbing thing to find in a garden which is trying to become a safehaven for native animals.

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