Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Ballet's Back

It's a Duty shift for me tonight and it's Ballet season at the House - no more Opera Factory for a few months, no more repertory, no more change overs late into the night.

Rachmaninov is playing upstairs in the big Hall and down below in the Drama the lighting session for Tales of the Vienna Woods has started.
What am I doing while all this creative theatricality is happening around me?

Lighting a flower table in the Marquee. It is not my favourite job or my favourite location but it's done - flowers look lovely, clients are happy.
No knitting being done tonight despite having only a few metres of yarn left - scarf is nearly finished - it will have to wait for tommorrow night when I catch up with House and Heroes.

I'll leave a shot of my last batch of marmalade as it cools .

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