Monday, August 27, 2007


Spring is sprung, the blossoms have riz,
the air is sweet with the smell of Daphne, a calvacade of Wattle lines the Highways like a yellow tunnel and the Honeyeaters crowd the Grevillias, flitting from flower to flower.

With the help of some serious antibiotics and several Osteo visits my body is finally coming to right. I really didn't know how bad I was until I got better. It's nice being able to breath again, to have some energy back and, most of all, it's nice to be knitting again.

The orphaned sleeves are getting some attention and, true to form, I'm swatching for the next project.

Three skeins of Manos from the New York visit are being swatched for the Rib-Warmer, an Elizabeth Zimmerman classic. I will have to conquer my aversion to Garter Stitch if I am going to do this pattern justice but its simplicity appeals to me (plus its a big knit so I can ensure I have my kniting mojo completely back.

The Osteo suggested the reason I lost it was my shallow breathing (because my lungs hurt) was pinching the upper nerves of my arms - causing the uncomfortable numbness in the hands and finger. House would be proud (or not).

As a result of the medication and manipulation I sat in the Theatre yesterday, plotted the lighting states for the Opera benefit, listened to arias and duets from Puccini and Verdi, and knitted.

Now that's a Good feeling.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I have...

I have been sewing:
Leif's Cloak from Deltora Quest for a Book Week costume.

I have been reading:
all of the Black Magician's Trilogy and all of the Age of the Five trilogy.

I've been watching:
Blackpool with a fantastic soundtrack, and a great cast, including David Tennant,

I've been editing;
on Ravelery, adopting Jo Sharp and Cleckheaton patterns.

I've been sleeping:
as much as possible, with the help of the odd antihistamine - even the ones that say non-drowsy.

I have not been;
working - doctor told me to stay off work for a week or I'd get really, really, sick and not just miserable sick.

I have not been;
Knitting - for three weeks or more.
No desire to grab a soft ball of Touch yarn and make that lovely Velvet scarf from Scarf Style;
No desire to try a quick and simple Victoria Vest from Rare Yarns in the handspun merino from the markets that has languished so long without a pattern.
No desire to finish off the two UFO's sleeves I carry around constantly in the handbag.

I did finish the Vintage Hues Bucket hat from the 100g ball of Ashford Wool and it's nice and big, even after two rounds in the washing machine. All is not doom and gloom.

I will Knit again.

Monday, August 06, 2007


There isn't much knitting happening lately and this is not for want of WIP or UFO's. It's all part of the cycle of highs and lows that occur with depressing regularity. This morning it's catch up time as the body says 'Stop!' 'Give me a break!'
Knitting in times of high stress is not a calming practice for me. It results in tight tension and lots of frogging - no states of Yogic bliss.

The stress and tension is not all self induced - the Culture Factory is undergoing a restructure. The more cynical of us that have been there for the past two decades see it as rearranging the deckchairs once again. While all the titles and classifications are getting sorted and renamed the shows go on and audiences still come.

The stress of getting a show to opening night is different to the anxiety resulting from lack of organisational structure and direction. The only things that seem to be definite are weekly farewell parties and the speeches thanking X for their many (only 6!) years of service. In the meantime a vacuum of information and accountability results in too many hours playing catch up with the reality of a production's Lighting requirements.

This reality means hard physical work for me - running through the grid, focussing lamps at the last minute as I try and cope with the latest addition to the Stage plan, then plotting the show blind as the audience comes into the auditorium.

This has happened so often these days that my work attitude is cynical and angry. Like a Trucker on Speed I am bristly and aggressive. I get the job done to the hirer's satisfaction but it requires a Production or Stage Manager to filter this raw emotion from the Client - it's not normally their fault as they probably had several meetings to clearly communicate their requirements - I just wasn't included in the loop or have been called in at the last minute.

Unfortunately this stress is taking a physical and emotional toll - on me and several others in my position. Depending on who takes sick/stress leave first others have to take up the slack and the cycle goes on.

I have a vain and optimistic hope that the vacuum will be filled and normality will be restored. For the sake of all my languishing WIP's and UFO's I hope so.