Sunday, August 19, 2007

I have...

I have been sewing:
Leif's Cloak from Deltora Quest for a Book Week costume.

I have been reading:
all of the Black Magician's Trilogy and all of the Age of the Five trilogy.

I've been watching:
Blackpool with a fantastic soundtrack, and a great cast, including David Tennant,

I've been editing;
on Ravelery, adopting Jo Sharp and Cleckheaton patterns.

I've been sleeping:
as much as possible, with the help of the odd antihistamine - even the ones that say non-drowsy.

I have not been;
working - doctor told me to stay off work for a week or I'd get really, really, sick and not just miserable sick.

I have not been;
Knitting - for three weeks or more.
No desire to grab a soft ball of Touch yarn and make that lovely Velvet scarf from Scarf Style;
No desire to try a quick and simple Victoria Vest from Rare Yarns in the handspun merino from the markets that has languished so long without a pattern.
No desire to finish off the two UFO's sleeves I carry around constantly in the handbag.

I did finish the Vintage Hues Bucket hat from the 100g ball of Ashford Wool and it's nice and big, even after two rounds in the washing machine. All is not doom and gloom.

I will Knit again.


mehitabel said...

This too shall pass--I know you'll knit again! I will too, it's just been way too hot here and I seem to have a touch of a "summer bug" that's going around. At least you have costumes to show! He'll be the best cloaked character there!

M-H said...

You look pale in that picture.. take care so you can bounce back soon. Vegie knitting is the go, so take it easy.

Lara said...

Marcus sends his best. And so do I :)

Grandma Flea said...

I hope you're back to your usual happy and knitty best again soon. Try to get some sun on the inside of your wrists - it helps. Failing that, curl up in front of a fire with a glass of wine and listen to the rain on the roof.

chocolatetrudi said...

The Knit will return. It always does.

Nice hat, btw.