Sunday, November 11, 2007

ISE5 Scarf finished

This pretty thing is going to be sent off across the sea to somewhere in America next week.
It's the Gypsy Rose scarf for ISE5 and it uses a blend of Belisa Cashmere and Rubi & Lana Merino Laceweight. I'm pleasantly suprised at how nicely it has turned out - it has a lovely drape and is heavier than its lacy appearance seems. I'm crossing my fingers that the recipient will like it also. Now that I have completed both Scarf and Tea Pot Cosy exchanges I can get back to completing the Cobblestone Pullover or the long suffering UFO's.

The trouble is Juno Regina is calling me.


Katie said...

The Gypsy Rose is utterly gorgeous. Love the pattern, the colour, the yarn. If I were to receive it I would fall about with delight.

Long suffering UFO's? I have too many of those too. I am committed to finishing them!!!

Katherine S said...

That's a beautiful scarf, I think I might be a copy cat and use my belisa cashmere for something similar.

The Juno Regina is beautiful and it's working up nicely so far and I believe there is no such thing as too many UFOs, so be tempted!