Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bees in my Tree

This post is dedicated to the wonders of the Ceratopetalum Gummiferum or as it is more commonly known the NSW Christmas Bush.

The tree is in full bloom at the moment so there is another scent to rival the Native Frangipani (which has almost done its dash). In a few weeks this mass of white flowers will turn bright red and just before Christmas, will be sold for extortionate prices from Roadside Stalls for last minute guilt gift giving.

An official explanation for the colour change is: " the white flowers of New South Wales Christmas bush are fairly insignificant. However, after flowering finishes, the sepals usually develop a pink to red colouration and produce the massed display that make it one of the most popular Australian plants in cultivation."

I don't think the white flowers are 'fairly insignificant' - they make an awesome display, especially when they are covered by Bees and glowing in the late afternoon light. This tree is about 10yrs old and has been kept trim to encourage flowering. It aspires to great heights though and maybe one day we'll just let it go - the sky is the limit.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Garden a rival for showy display is preparing itself - the melodious Elaeocarpus reticulatus (Blueberry Ash) has buds on every twig and branch and is going to explode in a mass of pink very soon. Just watch these pages.


M-H said...

I'm loving you garden posts. I found a pohutukawa on campus the other day (went down a path I usually avoid). I don't know if it's the bright red NZ one of the more orange Aussie one, but I'll be watching it. I've tried to go one without success. And I've tried NSW Xmas trees - I've lost three! But I now have a native hibiscus in that spot and it's doing much better.

M-H said...

grow one, not go one... sheesh!

diane_s said...

we have a stand of xmas bush that are in the middle of our bush block , so growing wild . they were there when we bought it . they are very tall as they are in amongst gum trees and trying to get th light . thay have never flowered in the 10 years that we have lived here . perhaps because they are so tall and strggly. but they are still a lovely tree. and my blueberry ash are all showing their beautiful little pink fringed flowers. a lovely time in the garden before it gets too hot .and all the trees are pulsing with cicadas!
i love all these gardening posts.