Friday, November 16, 2007

Warning: Dummy Spit in progress

I must confess - today I did a very unprofessional Dummy Spit. The combination of a totally stuffed up head with the pressures of last minute programming and a probably innocuous remark caused me to stomp off high dudgeon.

I have the dreaded lurgy, my throat feels like sandpaper and my nose is a dripping mess. Despite this I still managed to catch the 6am train and get to work on time but I wasn't in a social mood.

I got through the morning's Rachmaninov rehearsal because I was high up in the Lighting Booth by myself and nobody was pressuring me. Later in the day though I had to quickly programme a little Strand 200 for a last minute change to a Fashion Show in the Utzon Room. I, and the people around me, didn't realise how short my fuse was until the smart-ass remark. It all settled down once I was left to myself to finish the job in peace.

Hopefully this "mad Tech disease" won't last long - otherwise I may have to be put away in a quiet little rubber room.

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