Saturday, December 08, 2007

We Sheep

It's that time of year again - it's amazing how time flies!
I did the Messiah rehearsal this morning and opened the windows wide so I could hear it. I love the trumpet solos, and the Counter Tenor, and the Bass - I just love the whole thing.

As was last year both KnitTatPug and Julie were performing in the choir - I was the annoying person shining lights in their eyes. (I have a theory that if you can't be seen you can't be heard - sound operators may disgree with me.)

The soloist in this quick snap is Stephen Bennet - a Bass singer who played a fantastic Achilla in Opera Australia's Julius Caesar - another wonderful composition by that talented George Frideric Handel fellow.


JulieB said...

Baaa :) Don't worry about the lights - the same 5 people whinge about them every year.... Glad you enjoyed it today. Are you around for the other performances - I need to give your Rowan books back!

Katie said...

I agree with Julie - it is the same complainers about the lights. We LOVE being in the spotlight!! :-)

The music is glorious, isn't it? We saw several groups of tourists coming in. One group was lucky enough to get the Hallelujah Chorus. They didn't applaud though, darn it!

Must go and check on your roasted root progress.

Ilix said...

Ah the Messiah! I love to hear that at this time of year! You are so lucky to hear it live..... now I have to read more of your blog! You must have an intresting job!

Anonymous said...