Thursday, December 27, 2007

After the Storm.

It rained and it thundered and flashed, not once but twice in the day. The Hailstones were big but not devastating, the rain was fierce and loud on the corrugated iron roof and the poor old gutters couldn't cope. All the critical electricals were turned off and the blackouts only lasted a few minutes each time. I think the rainwater tank was about to burst its seams because the overflow sump was flooded.

I went out about 6 o'clock to admire the rainbows and in the process discovered that the bottom of the garden had turned into a bubbling stream.

Luckily a lot of the plants were on raised beds or were established enough to hold their own but by the spread of the mulch it was obvious that the stream had at one time been a raging torrent. This is our pet concrete Goanna sitting in the new water feature - I don't think the Pittosporums are enjoying it though.

After the storm the sun came out and gave a colourful display as it set just to reassure the world that all was well.

The water flow does not come as a surprise because it's all got to go somewhere and there was a lot of it. The forces of Nature do not respect man-made fences or manicured gardens. If the changing climate is going to make heavy rainfall of this kind a feature it may be time to adapt.

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Katie Blake said...

Wonderful pictures! When I was young there was a rumour that a rainbow could not be captured on film. You've done a fine job of capturing yours!