Friday, December 07, 2007

The Power of Rain

Thunderstorms - I love them. They really give you a sense of perspective about the huge potential of nature and how pitiful humans and their electronic devices are.

Over the past hour there's been a big one rolling around the hills and I think it's safe to finally go back online (I have been caught out before by this false sense of security though).

These are a few snapshots of one of a flock of Cockatoos that took refuge in our Gum trees at the height of the deluge. The force of the rain was so great it kept knocking the poor old Cockies out of their branches.

This one just gave up and stayed upside down for several minutes until the worst was over.

When the rain had passed they flew off loudly complaining in their raucous voice about the injustice of it all.

At least they have stopped ripping apart the Acacia tree at the front of the house - the car was covered in a blanket of leaves, branches and stripped seed pods plus a few strategically placed blobs of Bird Poo on the windscreen. I'm afraid I took a bit of delight in seeing these in-your-face- birds get their comeuppance from Nature.

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Mogginic said...

The one we got last tuesday at glenbrook was "interesting". I am still not used to them. Some of them have me wishing i could fit my sorry but under the couch as I would be there sooo fast.