Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Qatlho'! ISE5 Partner

A fantastic package arrived in the mail today! It's from Jenn, my ISE5 partner, and may I say she has done herself proud.

She knitted this beautifully soft and squishy scarf from Knit Picks Gossamer and there is an extra skein included! As one of the Knit Pick untouchables (not deemed worthy of overseas postage) I am glad of the chance to see what their yarns are like. The pattern is of her own making so I am going to try and deconstruct it to knit a matching hat (or she could take pity on me and send me the stitch :-) )

Here are all the goodies laid out on my local coffee shop table - I couldn't wait until I got home so all the other patrons shared in my pleasure as I unwrapped each little package. Even the fact that Australian Customs had obviously been there before me didn't spoil the fun.

As well as delectable chocolate, tea and locally spun Alpaca yarn there was a beautifully hand-crafted notebook and matching star ornament, both in my shade of green. The two candy canes peeping out the top have been claimed as tax by the young lad (he says, 'thank you very much')

As to the Klingon reference in the title of this post - well that was inspired by this pattern in Elsebeth Lavold's Pattern book The Embraceable You Collection which was included among the goodies.

Everything in this book resonates with the historic, sci-fi, theatrical nerd in me. I mean - patterns inspired by the Terracotta Warriors, 4th century Scythian uniforms, Tristan and Isolde, and Star Trek! Oh, be still my beating heart.

So, Thank You Jenn, for this wonderful, thoughtful exchange,
reH nay'meylIjyIn Dujablu'jaj.**

(*Thank You!) (**may your dishes be always served alive)


Jenn said...

Yay! You got it so quickly. I'm glad you liked everything in it--when I saw the paper that I made your book and ornament out of, I knew you needed it. It's so pretty! (I think it's a paper from India).

I got a lot of compliments on the scarf as I was knitting it, so hopefully you'll get just as many wearing it. :)

Ann said...

The scarf is so lovely - you lucky girl. Thanks for visiting my blog. Merry Christmas.