Sunday, December 30, 2007

They say it's your birthday...

...We're gonna have a good time.

It was a great time. A big thank you to Lara and Mark for hosting the Western Suburbs Affiliated Branch of Rubi & Lana's Knitting group.
Despite having to work in the morning I was able to make it in time for Cake cutting and a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday".

Mary-Helen and Sandra were there, as was Jenwren, Sally and her ever-so-patient David.
Young master Inigo was a bundle of dark-eyed cuteness matched only by the soft bunnies in their hutch.

Much knitting was done, books and yarn admired and cake consumed. Sally's assertion that she was not a lace knitter was completely contradicted by her wonderful lace scaves while Mark quietly knitted his Intarsia .

Ravelry meanwhile continues to impress. I received numerous birthday greetings through gmail and ravelry mail because a little birthday cake icon had popped up on my avatar - it is very nice to get good wishes from afar.


amanda j said...

Yay! Happy Birthday to you! I found I got lots of nice wishes on Ravelry for my birthday too!

A little birdy asked me to let you know that your tea cosy is very close to being with you!

chocolatetrudi said...

Happy Birthday!

Lien said...

Happy Birthday - sorry for the belated wishes!! Hope you had a great day - at least a birthday in December feels like one long holiday!! (sometimes)