Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Fresh Start

As a positive start to 2008 I'm going to get rid of my Stash - not the Yarn stash, the Fabric Stash, harking back to the time, many years ago, when I thought I could sew.
I have about 12 sewing machines or more but they are more an indication of my fascination with vintage Singers than my ability to construct a garment. The pile shown here is about half of the total and I am going to donate most of it to the school to sell at their next Market Day - if they will take it. I have put aside a few choice pieces for people I know will be able to make better use of it than me.

The positive side of this divestment is that it will make me feel better about the Fibre Stash I have (much easier to use and manage) and maybe make some room for future (yarn) expansion.


Anne said...

Happy New Year!
I need to clear a few stashes of things in my place as well if I can tear my self away from the computer. About month ago I discovered the a whole new world had no idea exsited - "Knitting Blogs". I stumbled over your blog while I was looking up the Blue Mountians Knitting Guild. Now I'm hooked. I'm No 4344 on the Ravelry invite waiting list. I even started my own blog which is funny for a technophobe like my self. :)

mehitabel said...

Ah yes, the Time of Stash Divestment has arrived! I've got a much larger fabric stash than yours--but then, I'm a quilter and have been a garment sewer too--as well as the massive yarn stash. I think getting it all organized and moving along the excess is going to be a Good Thing!