Friday, December 08, 2006

Ruminant quadruped appreciation society.

Somewhere in this picture is a Julie and a Knitatpug - they are singing Handel's marvelous Choral piece "'The Messiah".
(hint: in the right of the box just above the double bass)

I'm afraid the only role I had in the performance of this masterpiece was to focus a light on the soloists downstage and then stand by (knitting) in case I was required there or for any of the other 4 theatres that were operating at the same time.

Softly humming "We like Sheep......"

The joy of Duty Shifts.


Anonymous said...

Yes yes! I can see us (if I zoom in....) we are there, box on the right, second row back, third and fourth from the right.

Great photo, fantastic night. What an experience. I'm sure there were other knitters lurking in there somewhere...

M-H said...

Wow! I know famous performing people!