Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Animal Responsibilities

Because of the full moon/weather/ deceased goldfish I have been disinclined to blog. The mood has been one of quiet despondency but that may have been more to do with low iron levels than anything really bad.

The Goldfish was a bit upsetting as I had been attempting to bring it back from the brink the minute I saw its little fin droop and the telltale spot of finrot on its tail. Clean, conditioned water in a separate tank with fish medicine; worked one week then sick again the next and down the slippery slope.

I'm not feeling very successful in the animal husbandry line as another animal resident seems to be poorly. Rattus Dooby seems to have developed a tumour. (Rattus Scooby expired after last year's 40 degree heat) Looks like I'll be taking said rat to the vet soon and sadly he might not be coming back. Aged about 3.5 yrs - I wonder if that's a good rat life?

On the upside here is a minor success story for which I have no responsibility - two little silk moths busy doing what boy and girl moths do; making more little silkworms to eat mulberry leaves to make silk cocoons to make more little silk moths.........


Lara said...

Oh Kate. So sorry to hear about your little fishy, and your rat. From what I know (used to have rats as a kid), 3 years is a pretty good life, 5 is amazing.

Thinking of you.

mehitabel said...

That was a good long rat-life, but it's still hard. Even the fish is hard to part with! I have a couple of geriatric cats and every time one of them decides to hide for a while I live in fear... Hope you are doing okay with the brush fires, too. We are having some bad ones here in SoCal, too!

melissa said...

your fire pictures are interesting as was the delicious misty morning .i haven't visited your blog before but quite enjoyed it . thanks .
woolly jumper

Tricotine said...

What an amazing silk moth photo! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Do you raise silk moths?

Nice blog, BTW! :-)

Happy Holidays!

Isabelle aka Tricotine, just after you in the Knit one, Blog 2 Webring.