Thursday, December 21, 2006

Barons Passes On

I read today that a Kings Cross institution by the name of Barons is about to close and be redeveloped - probably into Meriton apartments.

Many, many, years ago when I was younger and played a bit faster, Baron's was one of the places I and a few other workmates would find our way to after finishing the Opera Change-Over shift.
In the wee small hours of the morning we'd have Irish Coffee in the big armchairs and play backgammon. It was in the heart of a pretty sleazy part of town surrounded by the sex clubs and strip joint of the Cross. In those days I didn't think about the things that would now make me anxious - the Biker groups parked outside the Woolworths store, the 'dirty deals done dirt cheap' in the alleyways, we had the invulnerability and protection of naive youth.

In small crowded clubs like the Manzil Room and the Kardroma we watched and listened to groups like Ed Keuper and the Saints, Nick Cave, and the Divinyls. Most of the places that entertained us during those days of working and playing hard are now gone, transformed to souless apartments.
Vale Barons - I can't say I miss you but Sydney is not better off for your passing.


M-H said...

Have you read Faith Singer? It's a novel by Rosie Scott, partly about the decline of Kings Cross. Itg's one of my favourite Sydney novels.

Lara said...

Sad to hear of the passsing of another Sydney institution. In my disreputable youth, I spent more than my fair share of time in those armchairs....

Carson said...

Oh you're kidding!
The Meriton virus is an epidemic .
I spent many wee hours of my misspent 20s getting trashed on "Roman" coffees (blech!!!..clearly I had no taste back then) at Barons.