Monday, December 25, 2006

A Bush Christmas

Christmas has been very pleasant so far - cool weather, no bushfires, city dramas or other stress outs. The afternoon was spent at McMahons lookout, walking through bush bursting with green growth after three days of rain. The irony is that the lake in the picture is Warragamba Dam, the main source of water for Sydney. This reservoir for over 3 million people is only 36.7% full and we still use drinking water to flush our toilets!

The bush walk was a lovely way to spend Christmas Day though - after convincing the Young Dragon his new PS2 and Eyetoy would still be there when we came back.

Krista is finished - I panicked a little on the last sleeve and bought two extra balls of Pakucho Cotton when I could have scraped through with the seven I started with if I had unraveled the swatch. I really like this yarn - it has a lovely loft to it and when I've finally blocked the full garment it will look tres chic. Nice pattern and nice yarn - a great combination. I notice that Janette also has good things to say about this cotton - though her stitch definition looks a lot better than mine!

Again, I'm hardly drawing breath before the next project has been started. The Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton couldn't make gauge for Krista so instead I have started 'Midnight Butterfly Garden' from INKnitters Fall 2006. In the magazine the rainbow colours of the recommended Butterfly Cotton obscure the delicate lace and cable pattern but under all the business there is a classic cotton top.

I'm getting a lot of wear from my green Picolvoli as well as some nice comments so I'm itching to get another started . I would love to do it in Debbie Bliss Cathay but since this lovely yarn is discontinued (grrr) I have the Steel Classic Elite Patina standing by.

We're off to Mudgee and Dubbo for birthday celebrations over the next week so I'm hoping to get some intensive knitting in the car done as well. There may be a few distracions in Dubbo as we are staying in the Zoo grounds but I'm sure a few twilight Lion calls or Leopard rumbles won't put me off my stitch.


Janette said...

Oh Kate - Krista looks fabulous!

I cannot wait to finish my knit using the same cotton. It too is looking gorgeous. I agree it's a lovely yarn to use, even when you forget to make buttonholes and have to frog from the armhole back and reknit - knits up just as lovely.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a peaceful and happy holiday (not too sure about those lions and leopards!).

Anonymous said...

hope you had a great Christmas. You've been tagged! Details at