Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Warning - rampant consumerism ahead

Today was like a second Christmas - a big parcel arrived from Little Knits with Noro Kureyon Yarn and a beautiful big Lantern Moon Diamond Tote Bag. All on sale of course. It would have arrived several weeks ago except for Customs deciding to check out the 'suspicious' yarn contents. I wish they'd repack the stuff as they found it instead of just stuffing it all back in the box. I wondered why the packaging looked so battered. Still, I'm so excited at finally getting it I'll forgive them.

The other pleasant surprise in the post box was Interweave Knits Winter 2006 - only a few months late. As it is already in the local newsagents I had browsed as much of the contents as I could get away with. I like the Nantucket Jacket on the cover and the Refined Raglan. I've kept the mailing label so I know all my subscriber details in case/when the late delivery issue happens again. Why it had to go via an Auckland Post Centre is beyond me.

The other goodies in the picture are the result of receiving Gift Vouchers for a present and waiting for the post Christmas Sales to start. I didn't join the Boxing Day mad throng of "aggressive shoppers" who had to be restrained by Police but went today at a more leisurely pace. Bondi Westfield was the Mall of choice as it is one of the newest in the city. It has designer Lounge Chairs tastefully arranged on lush carpets and wide open walkways. Despite this it also has rude and pushy customers with attitude that no amount of bling or haute couture can improve.

The result of our 'big sale day out' was;
a copy of "The Dangerous Book for Boys", half price at Borders;
a copy of Mary Thomas's Knitting Book, 20% reduced by Borders email voucher;
a Caribee Download Backpack with heaps of pockets and compartments eminently suitable for train knitting, podcast listening and knitting magazine reading, free, courtesy of Gift Vouchers;
and four new Bras! (they're in the tote bag if you're looking) I concur with M-H's remark about the redundancy of the little bows on the front of Bras - are they like the appendix? Once functional but now shrunk and atrophied through disuse?

After all this gross consumerism we retired to Sushi Train for lunch followed by a session of Happy Feet at the stylish and comfortable Cinema at the aforementioned Mall. Liked the movie a lot - the CGI was awesome and it was good to hear all the Australian voices (including Steve Irwin!)
It was a quantum improvement on Barnyard a "hermaphroditic intestinal disorder they call a movie" which has Bulls waltzing around with Udders!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Kate. I'm dying to know which one of my 5 resolutions you're NOT going with! I've been able to keep away from online yarn shops so far, but if I can't find the wool I want in NZ, I'll be bending the plastic for sure.