Thursday, May 31, 2007


After such a successful month of big knitting I've gone micro. In contrast to the swift progress to the main body of the Cleckheaton Jacket the lace edging has slowed me down to a crawl. I had an entire skein left over and I was impressed that the garment took only 9 balls to make - not so. The 10th ball was swallowed up by the 5 stitch lace pattern leaving just enough to seam the garment. The edging gives the jacket a delicate look and is well worth the trouble.

Barbara Walker's 4th Treasury has also preoccupied me for at least two whole days. The fiddly knitting of the Turtle and the Peace square and the chapter on twisted stitches has been a useful learning experience.

The next challenge from this book is the Spider square, with its long legs and fat body. It looks a lot like the Huntsman which nest in the high corners of our house. Because they are fairly harmless and keep the flies and other nasties at bay I am kindly disposed to these creatures. Yesterday I rescued a large one from the sink and put it outside where it reluctantly crawled away. I think it felt a bit exposed.


Lynne said...

As a child we had a huntsman (probably several) living behind the anniversary clock on a high shelf in the corner of the lounge room. I learnt not to fear them but to let them live. I can't say the same for white tails or redbacks - they get instant death!!
DH once took a huntsman the size of a b&b plate (I'm not kidding) out of DD's bedroom - she wouldn't go in there till it was removed!

That lace work looks beautiful - I look forward to seeing the finished article for the next Show and Tell!

amanda j said...

We haven't had any spider visitors for quite some time. I don't ever really know whether I am scared or not - they don't terrify me but I wouldn't like one crawling up my leg.

Your knitting looks fabulous. I love that turtle!

mehitabel said...

Love the patterns from the BW treasuries--I went ahead and bought all the new ones (used a gift certificate to that I won at work) because my old ones were coming apart from being used so much!

Jejune said...

Love the turtle and peace sign squares! I must get a copy of those books one day...

We live peaceably with our many huntsmen, until they get hand-sized, when we put them outside. When they're tiny we call them 'Ickle-Bickles' ;)