Monday, May 07, 2007

Only a week

It's only been a week since I was here last but it seems a lot longer. Some things that were planned didn't happen but some things that weren't planned did.
Our annual visit to Lithgow for Ironfest was cancelled because of the three days of much needed rain that would have made it a Mudfest. It was a shame to miss the Jousting, the Peasant flogging and the Battle of Lithgow between the French and English armies but it will be on again next year.

The weekend was productively spent in Sydney starting with a visit to SSK and a diverse lot of knitters. I haven't been to this Newtown knitting group for ages so it was good to see all the familiar faces and a few new ones. I was very impressed with Sandra's Sunrise Circle Jacket with the lovely drape. She used Filatura da crosa Zara which was much softer than the original yarn and made for a very flattering line.

As we did this time last year we had an early birthday celebration for the young dragon at Daikoku Teppanyaki in Double Bay. The birthday boy revelled in the theatrical performance of the chef, culminating in a shower of egg, many of which he caught, trained seal style. He's a talented lad.

It's also a bit embarassing to note that this time last year I was patting myself on the back for finishing the back of the Cleckheaton Studio Mohair Cardi and only had the sleeves to go. One Year Later it is still waiting! Considering I have just knitted the Mega Stoppino Jacket in a fortnight (more on that later) something needs to be done. OK - a few differences, the jacket is 10ply yarn on 6mm needles and is a very, very simple pattern, but that is no excuse. Along with the Stash Along (which is proceeding fairly well) I feel the need to do a UFO purge. Therefore any Bendigo yarn splurges I may have been planning are postponed.


Lynne said...

I think there comes a time in most knitters' lives when the need to purge the UFOs becomes, well, painfully obvious. For me that was in January, when I made a resolution to finish all UFOs before casting on another project!
And the more I looked, the more I found so, needless to say, some are still UFOs. I have cast on several other projects since then, as is the way with many NY resolutions! However, I did turn many UFOs into FOs and so I feel at peace despite the UFOs lurking in various places - even the 30+ yrs for my first pair of socks!!

And on another note, Robertson is well worth the visit but be warned - the yarn at Limited Edition Designs is mostly synthetic from a complany called Sullivans. Still, it's definitely worth the visit; Robyn the owner is very friendly and helpful. And Robertson is so much more than a couple of yarn shops, even if they were the highlights of my day!

Grandma Flea said...

Hi Kate
You are not alone in your UFO dilemma - I guarantee I have more than you do!

I'd forgotten what fun it can be to go to a Teppanyaki restaurant - you've given me a good idea for the next time the little fleas come to visit.

I'm sorry too that we can't take the wildlife with us when we move - and the closer the move gets, the fonder I become of those pesky little possums - last night I forgot to take the cyclamen inside and, by the time I remembered, they had already eaten some of the flowers. Then, in a fit of pique after it had gone inside, they spent all night (or so it looked) building castles of possum poo along the balcony rail, interspersed with brown puddles - they even left a charming perfume as well! I'll still miss them!

Lien said...

I had exactly the same thought. I was going to buy up with Bendigo but I have heaps of UFOs and an already growing yarn stash.