Tuesday, May 02, 2006


A busy, busy, weekend.
What with various Guild meetings and a quick SSK, plus Work and birthdays I am glad to get back to the relative peace and quiet of the Mountains.

First off I have progressed on Item 1 - the green mossy cardi - it is now in possession of two sleeves and has only to be "collared".
(apologies for the abuse of grammar - making verbs from nouns is one of my great hates and I vow never to "gift" anything to anyone or "text" any one. As this recent article shows I may be fighting a losing battle though. SMH May2)

Item 4; Studio Mohair Cardi has a finished back and the front is coming along nicely.

I have overcome my fear of K1P1 rib to the extent of planning this ribbed wrap jacket by Jo Sharp - but only when a space becomes available in the queue.

The young Dragon's birthday was a small celebration at a Teppan Yaki restaurant in Double Bay.

He didn't believe me when I said we were going to a restaurant where they throw food at you!

The Guild meeting at Epping had a trial of the 20th birthday celebrations display to be shown at the Quilt and Craft Fair at Darling Harbour in June.

The Blue Mountains Group theme was Spring so there were many, many sheep produced and a lovely floral backdrop.

Because of space limitations and the volume and high standard of work produced by all the Branches none of my entries made it - Damn shame. After seeing the quality of the successful entries I am going back to the basics and practice, practice, practice.

And speaking of High Quality, after I left Epping I zipped over to Newtown to catch a SSK.

It was great to have a relaxed knit and natter after such a long absence. I may be able to catch up with a few more as the Saturday now no longer coincides with the Blue Mountains Meeting.

And if that's not enough there's always Rubi and Lana's and Tapestry Craft Stitch and Bitch!

The life and times of a Knitaholic.

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