Monday, May 15, 2006

When an eel bites your heel

"When an eel bites your heel and it takes half your leg it's a Moray"

Okay those aren't exactly the words Patrizio Buanne was singing last night in the Concert Hall but he could have been - and the 2000 plus Leichhardt mums out on their Mother's Day treat would have loved it. This guy is a bit of an Italian Hunk. Again I had no idea who he was but his fans certainly did. They loved his crooning, and his swooning, they loved it when he came down into the front row and kissed the ladies' hands and danced with the lucky woman in the centre seat. (though he did have a bit of trouble extracting himself from her enthusiastic embrace)

I, in the meantime was able to continue on with my knitting as well as being entertained by it all.

I progressed on the Lace Mittens, having a few issues with the thumb increase but as this is a prototype, mistakes will be tolerated the first time (and the second, and the third).

I'm trying the "Ivy" Lace pattern from Barbara Walker's "Charted Knitting Designs" (aka The Third Treasury of Knitted Patterns). This is a very simple 9 row, 7 stitch repeat with a bit of a jog on the second group. The trouble I am having in remembering this pattern does not bode well for any complicated Lace pattern I may have plans for. I put it down to my wandering attention span rather than any memory deficiency.

Speaking of Mistakes - here we have before and here we have after.

Problems? Armholes too small, sleeves too tight, neck too sloppy, waist too short - need I go on? Into the frog pond but not all the way - there is a bit that can be salvaged - we will survive!


M-H said...

Armholes need to be at least 25cm deep (measured from shoulder to an imaginary line across the bust) for the average adult woman. Of all the figures I have learned over the years, that one has stuck!

the stripey tiger said...

Oh what a disaster! - You are very game to rip it back and try again! Even tho it doesn't fit it looks great! :-) Stripey

Corrie said...

oh no! it looks beautiful especially the colours for winter. I am so terrible at picking up stitches I just have to start again so at least you could salvage some! good luck with it.