Friday, May 05, 2006

Maestro Lalo Schifrin

I am stunned - I'm sitting here at the Lighting Desk, knitting away and listening to Lalo Schifrin, that great composer, conductor and pianist playing Jazz with James Morrison and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

I have done a lot of shows with all sorts of talented people but this man is amazing. He is over 70 and obviously not so sprightly as he carefully walks across the stage to the podium; but once he is playing the piano - sheer genius.

I was blissfully ignorant of this until I took a closer look at the show requirements today - I thought it was just another Symphony Concert - maybe a nice bit of Mozart like last week or perhaps a bit of Dvořák.

Don't I pay attention to all the publicity that's spread across the outside of the theatre as I come and go to work? I'm glad I've been kicked out of my complacency. He is Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. And I get to hear it all over again tomorrow!!

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