Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A day in the life...

Here are 4 balls of yarn waiting patiently to be swatched and being rewarded for their patience by a rendition of Beatles' cover music in "Let it Be".

A full house of aging baby boomers was entertained by Leo Sayer, Christine Anu, Rick Price and John Waters. It was not a busy show for me (House Light control - whoopee) so I had plenty of time to plan and sort and empty out my knitting bag from whence these various balls of yarns were retrieved.
Their time will come as I am very near completition of the top-down raglan - the last sleeve seems to have taken as long as the entire garment.

John Waters' performance in this show was a pleasant surprise for me - I still remember him as the spunky Sgt McKellar in "Rush" but of course he has had a long and extensive career since then - including touring the Lennon tribute "Looking Through a Glass Onion" which he co-wrote. And he was on Playschool where all great Aussie actors feature at least once in their career!

Next day was a show at the other end of the cultural spectrum, Alain de Botton giving a "beguiling, jargon-free tour through the philosophy and psychology of architecture" for the Sydney Writers' Festival.

The most intriguing thing I discovered from this talk was the fact that Le Corbusier's stylish house "Villa Savoye" leaked like a sieve and its functional design, "created so that it could be mass produced," took a long time and a very expensive team of artisans to construct.

Sounds like most of my knitting projects.

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