Sunday, June 04, 2006

Some progress!

I finally made it Rubi & Lana's for a Saturday Morning knit meet - Sally and I were the only ones there but we had a pleasant time surrounded by lovely wool and knitterly items. I'm toying with the start of some Mittens made from R&L Laceweight yarn and Sally is doing a scarf in Lana Grosso, Meilenweit Mega Boots yarn in a lovely autumn colorway.
I find being in a wool shop for an extended time is a bit like going to a Spa, or having a bush walk. I come out feeling all refreshed and invigorated.

I have made some progress on a number of items lately - especially the Raglan, top-down, this-bloody-sleeve-will-never-be-right jumper - it's finished!.

Now that this bottleneck had been cleared I can move on to more things; such as the two pairs of mittens I made from the lovely Debbie Bliss Cashmerino I received from Lara; sleeve swatching for the ribbed wrap jacket by Jo Sharp ; and continuing on with the Studio Mohair Cardi. The addition of the progress bars on my sidebar may help me maintain this momentum - thanks to Ann of 1 More Row for the code link.

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JulieB said...

Is that a Clappy I spy around your neck? You caved! I'm sorry I couldn't make it yesterday - I had an all day work event unfortunately. Next time.