Thursday, June 15, 2006

Not happy Jo!

I'm doing wonderful things on the Jo Sharp Ribbed Wrap Jacket, I've got the right tension and everything is going swimmingly when the first ball finishes waay before the diagram suggest. Am I doing it too tight - have I left a swatch somewhere and used up the yarn? Google the garment in question and find the errata - 4 bloody balls in this colour instead of 2!! Not happy Jo!

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Pamela Lee said...

I have my fingers crossed for you that you can still get the yarn in the same dyelot.

I had the same thing happen with a cabled wrap in another of Jo Sharp's books -- I remember thinking that 6 balls sounded really economical, but as it was one of the first things I knit after I started knitting again after my long break I trusted Jo knew what she was doing. When I eventually discovered the errata page on her website after I reached the end of the first ball and realized that I hadn't knit anything like a sixth of the wrap, I found out that it actually needed 16 balls -- or 14 balls if you didn't want to do the fringe. Fortunately, the LYS I bought the original yarn from still had another pack of yarn in the same dyelot, but the project suddenly ended up costing a whole lot more than I'd originally planned on.

Well done finding the photo, BTW! :)