Monday, June 26, 2006

Romeo and ...

Another busy weekend that also saw good progress on the Rib Wrap. First there was a stint on the Bell Shakespeare's production of Romeo and Juliet;

"This production is as contemporary as the iPod that Juliet dances to, or the rap delivered as an opening by the street gang in Verona. It is fresh and youthful, well served by Chloe Armstrong and Julian Garner as its star-crossed lovers, poignantly evoking the emotional extremes of adolescence." The Age, Helen Thomson, 22 May, 2006

It was a good production and the script is very true to the original, which makes it a bit longer than some versions. The fast past and frenetic activity of the first half slows right down in the second act so the School audiences always get a bit fidgety towards the end.

The set is very minimalist with No Balcony, just a slope and a bit of artful lighting but it worked.

I caught up with Mary Helen and introduced her to Friar Lawrence (Philip Dodd) who is a talented actor and knitter. He is wearing a sideways knitted vest of his own design that he modestly described as 'just something to use up some spare bits" while M-H is wearing a beautiful Noro (?) creation of her own - very suitable for going out to the theatre.

The Bell company has a few keen knitters within its ranks, both male and female. I'd love to do a study into the relationship of theatre and knitting - maybe it's something about all the time spent waiting or standing by - or all the touring to those small country centres.

Supposedly there is a superstition associated with knitting in the wings - apparently it's bad luck. I've only recently discovered this and I must say that it doesn't seem to be true as I have been knitting in theatre for over 20 years.

And this is from someone who will not mention the 'Scottish Tragedy' within coo-ee of a stage and who freaks out when wished "good luck" before a show instead of "chookas". Maybe I'm selectively superstitious.

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M-H said...

Great picture of me - not! :) Thanks Kate. Notice you cropped yourself out!