Sunday, June 04, 2006

Welcome to the Bennelong Point Palace!

Welcome to the Bennelong Point Palace where tonight we feature the one and only Englebert Humperdink!

I get all the great gigs don't I? Once again I was relegated to the arduous task of House Lights - which I must say I carried out with finesse and flair.

I was able to do some much needed swatching though - and the yarns were once again treated to the crooning of “Please Release Me”, followed by “There Goes My Everything”, “The Last Waltz”, “A Man Without Love" and many more. What more can a Mohair blend ask for?

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Pamela Lee said...

Hehe! Engelbert just loves it when people refer to what he does as 'crooning'. *wicked grin*

My mother loved all of his songs back in the '60s -- and for some reason I appear to be the current custodian of the original 45s of all the songs you named, plus maybe a few more. I wonder if they're worth anything... ;)

What has the Mohair blend decided to become BTW? It looks like it's knitting up really nicely. :)

Apologies for not making it to Rubi & Lana's on Saturday, especially as I haven't seen you in ages. I'm going to try to make it to the WWKIP Day at the Sidewalk Cafe on Saturday though -- I guess if the weather looks like being cold it could be a good time to finally start knitting the Colinette Throw Kit I bought at the Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show last year. ;)

Really must update my blog again too...