Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jazz Knit

Tonight saw the culmination of a long day's work lighting the Freedman Jazz Fellowship . It was in the Studio and was one of the few times I can actually design and operate a show I like.

There were 4 contestants ranging from ear-plugs to awesome. I had my favourite but as the winner is not announced until the next day I am still unaware who actually gets the lucrative prize money. I'm pleased to report that the Jo Sharp rib progressed during this time. I kept the rig very simple, 3 colour wash and a few open white specials with minimal changes during the set (the musicians are on show, not my lighting) so I was able to get in a few rows with each number.

I'm not sure, though, if Jazz and knitting really go together. I know that Franklin has written a very thorough and entertaining post on the appropriate Opera Arias for Knitting but I can't say that one could be done for Jazz knitting. Tonight's performance was a bit like this this yarn - all thick and thin and varying colours. I spent a lot of time tinking my 2k1p rib as I didn't have a good flow. This may be because I had to change from 2k1p to 2p1k on the return row so my concentration was out of wack. Knitting in the round is a much easier way of doing uneven rib, methinks.

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