Thursday, April 27, 2006

From the Archives

Back to our normal programme - I now present another Jumper (or Sweater) from the Archives.

This Patons "Aran Style Sweater", circa 1988 is from the Patons Handknits book 926. The yarn, Patons "County" (discontinued) was bought from Greta's Handcraft Centre.

It's another drop-shouldered big, blocky, yarn hungry creation with Shoulder Pads! I had first seen the completed item in the shop window and I just Had to make it. (As you do)

I recall I was laid up in bed at the time so Chris went all the way to the North Shore and picked up the yarn for me. I must have been very, very keen to do all those hundreds of bobbles. Unfortunately it didn't travel overseas or go anywhere exciting in its life.


Sharon said...

I like your from the archives post, that is a great jumper. Will we be seeing more from your archives?

fitknit said...

Might not have gone anywhere but I bet it is lovely and warm.

I wish I'd kept things I'd, on second thoughts, it's for the best that I didn't.LOL