Monday, April 24, 2006

The Battle of Lithgow : Ironfest

The Battle of Lithgow was a little known but hard fought skirmish between the vastly outnumbered 21 eme Regiment D'Ligne and a contingent of crack English troops including the NSW Corps of Marines, the 73rd Regiment of Foot and the 2nd 49th Rifles. The French fought bravely but eventually succumbed to the superior forces on Sat 22nd April 2006 at 1345. Then they did it all again on Sunday at the same time.

The Ironfest weekend is one of the highlights of the year for us. You can keep your RAS Easter Show - here is quality entertainment and fun at a cheap price.

There was clowning and belly-dancing, jousting, blacksmithing, beheadings, and other healthy entertainment. There were no Fairy Floss stands or Carnie rides or rip-off sideshow alleys.

Performers such as Ghawazi caravan mixed with audience in a crowd of exotic dress and chainmail. The sound of Anvils ringing mixed with canon fire and sword against leather.

A feature event was the Australasian World Jousting Championship. This was "full impact battle rivalry of an ancient kind".

The flame jugglers, circus clowns and giant kangaroos kept young Dragons amused and distracted for hours.

The vain hope that I might get some knitting done if we traveled there by train didn't happen and in hindsight, as we trudged back to the car, it was probably a good thing.

Maybe next year I can do a Madam Defarge during some of the beheadings.

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