Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Day Job

Here is a picture of a typical day at work - a little bit out of the ordinary as the stage in the photo is no longer there. It was a short lived experiment by the powers that be to expand the theatre experience outside the shell (or Shells, excuse the pun). The neighbours weren't too impressed unfortunately and the first show was the last show of the Forecourt experience. (The irony is that the neighbours were the residents of the Toaster - one of the most unpopular buildings in Sydney.)

I'm sitting in front of a Jands Event 408 Lighting desk that was bought especially for this gig with the expectation that it would be an ongoing thing. It's a hybrid Manual/Memory desk with Moving Light control. It doesn't get much use these days as it's not really suitable for Theatrical shows.

The backdrop visible on the stage is a copy of John Coburn's beautiful Curtain of the Sun tapestry that used to hang in the Opera Theatre. It has a partner - The Curtain of the Moon - but neither of these wonderful works of art have been, or will be seen for many a year. They were not designed to withstand the daily wear and tear or grime of theatre and so were removed for repair.


Lara said...

Fantastic ! What a wonderful shot. Do you work for the Opera House, or are you a freelancer ?

Kate said...

I'm an employee of 20+yrs standing - permanent employment is a rarity in the theatre world so I value and enjoy my job.