Friday, March 31, 2006

Blog UFO

I don't want this Blog to end up like some of my knitting - in the UFO pile - so I have to be more disciplined about entries. I don't lack content - far from it. I have all my vintage patterns and knitted items ready to go, waiting for their moment of glory.

Case in point; here we have one of the first jumpers I ever knitted - "Militaire" from the Thorobred Scheepjeswol book. One of three patterns I completed from this book.

"Sophisticated, oversized sweatshirt, mixing smooth and textured yarns. Body drapes loosely and unbelted; sleeves fit - best pushed up."
This garment is a child of the eighties - big, blocky and yarn hungry. It's a very simple pattern of 2 large squares for the front and back and 2 small rectangles for the sleeves. Not very trickey and "stylishly simple". The yarn used was Thorobred Mohair Cable, a lovely soft wool with a slight sheen to it. The few jumpers I have made of this yarn may end up being refashioned as it has a great drape and feel.

My stripey Militaire came with me to the Great Wall in China in November '83, where it did its best to keep out the cold winds from the Northern deserts and I still have it today.

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Pamela Lee said...

I love the idea of sharing some of your vintage knitted items in your blog, along with the adventures they've had over the years. I wish my older items were up to being shared in the same way, but for the most part they've either been worn to death or are UFOs in dire need of being recycled into something I'm actually likely to want to finish.