Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Anzac Day

After the Anzac memorial servcie at Gloria Park - a small gathering but a very moving experience - we had CWA morning tea at the Club Rooms.

Lunch was the Sausage sizzle and real Damper with lashings of butter and Golden Syrup at the Lawson Anzac Day Fair. Yum!


Sharon said...

That all sounds really yummy and of course very Australian.

mehitabel said...

Ah, memories of a very special Anzac Day in 1988--we had traveled to Australia, staying with Sister City friends in Nth Richmond. Took the bus and train into Sydney w/ the Hawkesbury District Band, watched the parade so we could cheer on "our" band, then spent a wonderful day in the city. Also took part in a couple of school celebrations, and I must say, Aussies do a wonderful job of commemorating their heroes. We in the US need to take a lesson.