Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Post Box Stalker

I've been stalking my Post Box because I'm expecting a lot of goodies from overseas and they seem to be taking an excruciating time to turn up - Ah, the tyranny of distance.

I'm awaiting knitting books from Amazon, an order of Muench from Little Knits, (did I ever tell them I don't live in Canada I wonder?) a Scarf from ISE4, and a box of goodies from Knitter's Treat (that's on a boat somewhere - fair wind and calm seas to it).

At least the new copy of Interweave Knits manged to overcome this hurdle. Faster than the speed of light, no sooner than the email announced its publication than the hard copy turned up. Oh, that all overseas parcels could be that speedy.

The patterns in the magazine are a little Parson's egg - some them even bordering on a little rotten maybe.
I love the Cable Yoke cover sweater by Pam Allen, and the delicate Oriel Lace Blouse by Shirley Paden. The free pattern for Norah Gaughan's cotton Pomegranate Blouse is already in my ToDo folder.

The other end of the spectrum is mostly in the finishing details of patterns like Kate Gilbert's Wing Top. The front neckline looks patchy and the garter stitch hem clumsy. It doesn't do the drape of the "ethereal pink...slippery silk yarn" justice.

The pattern that stood out in this category though is the "rustic, handmade, unblocked feel" of the 1824 Blouse. It's only my humble, untrained opinion but the reverse stocking stitch and the nubbly cotton yarn make this sweater look as thought the model is wearing it inside out. It won't be making it to my ToDo folder.

This edition does not have Eunny Jang as editor so it will be interesting to see what she brings in the Autumn issue.


Esther said...

Ahhhh, receiving mail, sounds like treats all right.

Note: How do you browse around the blogs? I want to be able to see other blogs besides my own.

Esther said...

Oh yeah, I also love the knitwear. I like that Oriel Lace Blouse one the best. Typical me.

Donni said...

I too am trying not to stalk the's killing me.

Thanks for the heads up on the IW Mag. I no longer hanker for it.

Lara said...

I felt pretty much the same. I hope to be able to read the articles today, but last nights flick through left me a bit cold. No "must knits" in there for me this time.