Sunday, May 27, 2007

I am being white-anted by technology

In a totally non-knitting realated topic here is a photo of what you can do when you have the money to hire the Concert Hall for a private little party. This is from my work computer because I am being white-anted by technology.
First day back for a week and all the email and attachments I sent myself are blocked. I am either very subversive or pictures of yarn are now considered pornographic by the NSW State Government.
OK, they may be right in the second case but I want to post about my lovely Manos Del Uruguay yarn that was brought back from Purl in New York in a Macy's bag. I want to show the fantastic progress on the Cleckheaton jacket (doing the lacy edge) and how I've picked up the Pullover Flair and started knitting the sleeves. I want to show the beautiful colours of the SeaWool and how I've braved the tangled complexity of 5 bamboo 3mm DPN to start knitting my first sock.

It is obviously not to be, so I must wait until I have finished my 15hr shift of Handel in the Concert Hall and travelled home to my computer which, hopefully, will be more sympathetic to my tales of Yarn.
In the meantime here is a very apt note from our sponsor; the patron saint of knitting, Elizabeth Zimmerman.

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Lynne said...

Glad to hear you're sailing along with that first sock. I've struck trouble with mine, I've reached the toe and am obviously not using my two circulars correctly as I can't work the decreasing number of stitches with my two short circulars (40cm). See my blog for the whole story!