Sunday, June 03, 2007

Chatswood goodies

It was a very productive Saturday for me as a consequence of going to Rubi & Lana's knitting group today;
Thanks, David, for telling me about Phantom Zone - it is in Chatswood next to the Magic Shop and I've ordered a Neil Gaiman Graphic Novel from them so I have an excuse to go back soon;" Thanks to Lien for telling me about that great Ten Ren Cha for Tea place with those fantastic green tea rice dishes;

Thanks (lots) to Candy for telling me about the top-down jumper pattern in Yarn magazine, it was exactly what I wanted for my impulse buy of 10 balls of Shepherd DK wool at the Tapestry Craft Sale yesterday. I only popped up there in my lunch break to buy
one Knit Picks cable and walked out with 10 balls of Shepherd Colour 4 me 8ply. I suppose I should be glad I kept it to a minimum.

All in all a fun time. I have also finished the main body of the Cleckheaton top and have only to sew on the lace edging. Unlike Meg's one, mine is going to be a bit more snug.

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celia said...

thanks for the link to the tea place.. off to check it out now :D