Friday, June 22, 2007

WInter is really here

Penny has sent me these images of snow in Katoomba. This is Katoomba Railway station covered with a few inches that was probably gone by the next day. We haven't had decent snow or rain for so long that is a real novelty.

The Winter Magic Festival is on this weekend so if the snow continues it will be a perfect setting for this solstice event. The forecast is for a fine sunny, frosty day - just like today. Brilliant blue sky and ice on the bird bath.

We didn't see any snow in our backyard because we are four hundred metres below Katoomba and that makes all the diffence. The divider for me is the Boddington Hill at Wentwoth Falls. It's a physical benchmark between the really cold weather and our fairly temperate clime.

I received a parcel in the mail today from Beth in Ohio and it contained my beautiful ISE4 scarf. I picked it up on the way to work so I've just done a photo shoot for it outside (usual odd looks at strange woman holding scarf in the air with one hand while trying to take a photos with the other). As well as the soft and silky Haiku yarn scarf she included sweet treats, soap and a great "Ohio Cookbook". I'm going to try the Buckeyes and the Snickerdoodles. More photos will be forthcoming.


Beth said...

Is my timing impeccable or what? You've got winter weather and a summery scarf. :/

Lynne said...

Temperate climate? We're expecting -1°C tonight! LOL

DH has similar photos of Leura station from the 'old days' (2006) when he was both station manager there and located there! He's still SM there - just on secondment in the Lower BM.

Dipsy Doodle said...

Ohhh - I got quite a shock seeing your snow pictures until I realized you're in Australia - phew, for a minute I was afraid our weather is freaking out totally! These photos are so beautiful to look at - considering the fact that we didn't get any snow in the Austrian valleys here this winter, it's even more gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these pics!

Dipsy D.

mehitabel said...

Oh, now snow in Katoomba is the kind of thing that would make me willing to brave 14 or so hours in the air to get to Australia! I only saw Katoomba in the fall and spring, so winter would be a real treat! Especially considering we didn't get any winter up this way at all...