Thursday, June 07, 2007

Speedy Yarn

Berroco, 7 balls of Cotton Twist and 5 balls of Touche. Ordered from Yarnmarket mid-May, posted on the 30th of that month and received at the door on the 1st of June.
Slightly gobsmacked to say the least.
What was Knitpicks excuse for not delivering to Australia - something about postage?

In the background is the pattern that inspired this purchase. the Bella blouse from interweave Knits online. I love the lace edging and hope to be able to do it justice.

I'm fairly confident I will be able to start it in a month or two as I have finished the Cleckheaton jacket and have mostly hats and socks in the queue. Here is the finished item pre-blocking;

  • Pattern: Cleckheaton book 952 - design 9a
  • Yarn: 10 x Balls Naturally Yarns Vero Tweed. Body knitted from three strands to reduce 'football jumper stripes' effect. Sleeves completed with one strand.
  • Supplier: Wool Inn
  • Hair by: Just got Out of The Shower

Time for a little pause and an audit on WIP's and Stash Busts.

1 x Berkshire Pullover from Weekend Knitting in Cleckheaton Tempo (Stash)
1 x pair of socks in Sea Wool in the Knitty toe-up pattern
2 x Zeebee hats
1 x Interweave Knits Pullover Flair jumper (stash)
1 x Shepherd Aran 12ply Kepler Sweater (stash)


gemma said...

lovely work on the cardigan.
I have knitted the keppler, but I made it longer. It was a challenge, but the pattern was an easy knit to follow. Can't wait to see photos.

JulieB said...

I love the cardigan. Those colours are very Noro-like.

I heard something else about Knitpicks - the shipping is an excuse. They're acutally set up as a wholesaler so the tax implications are what kills them, not the shipping.

Lien said...

Looks great!! What happened to Knit from your stash??? Although I'm always extremely jealous whenever I see your stash enhancements. At least you have the space. All my yarn is stuffed into a suitcase - at least I don't have any overseas trips planned so don't need to use it anytime soon!

Grandma Flea said...

I love the finished Cleckheaton cardi. The WIP and stash bust list is impressive - one comment about the Kepler Sweater - it looks to me as though an applied Icord would look good on the neck - it seems to need more finish there to balance the heavy design on the basque and sleeves. I look forward to seeing it finished. No wonder you were gobsmacked to get the yarn soquickly - my daughter lived in Atlanta for 12 months (admittedly when she was 16 - 24 years ago) and her airmail letters took three weeks to reach us.

Happy knitting.

Janette said...

Very nice, very, very nice! So good to see people modelling their knitting.

The Bella Blouse pattern is lovely. I've printed off a copy, but don't know when I'll get 'round to knitting it. Problems with Ram's Head Jacket collar that has slowed me for over a week. I'll blog about the "episode" once I've sorted and finished the jacket.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered some cotton twist variegated from Knitting Zone - I found their postage cheaper than Yarnmarket. We'll have to see if their service is as good!

Lynne said...

The jacket looks good - I look forward to seeing it "in the yarn" next weekend. LOL

mehitabel said...

The jacket looks great--and I'd like to have that hair, even fresh out of the shower! Your list of WIPs is quite impressive--mine seems to be mostly composed of hoary old things that I've gotten royally sick of but feel too guilty to just frog. I guess I need to cast on something wonderful as an inspiration...