Monday, October 02, 2006

Just Walking in the Park

Its Labour Day today - one of those great Aussie long weekends that normally wouldn't really make a difference to me because I usually work weekends and public holidays. What it does mean is that the highway at the top of my street is bumper to bumper with traffic coming back from the Leura festival or the Bathurst races.

I usually try and stay as far away as possible from public or tourist destinations at this time, being more of a backstage person with a dislike of crowds. This proves to be a bit hard when I live in "The City in a World Heritage Park" so we went walking through our backyard away from all the crowds.

This is a fire trail at the back of Lawson that is a 10 min walk to a lovely waterfall. Along the way we came across lots of local fauna such as this delicate blue Dotted Sun Orchid and the state's symbol the Waratah, along with parrot in the background.

It's nice to be able to go for these walks at present - in a couple of months (maybe weeks) it will be too hot to go out in the midday sun as we did today - especially once the bushfire season starts. This is the beauty and the danger of this wonderful place though and I wouldn't change it for quids.


jussi said...

your "greater backyard" is so beautiful, I am envious as heck!

Danni said...

Hi Kate, I just discovered your blog and I really do love it for you show the must beautiful pics of my favourite country .. and you do beautiful knitting..! I will surely be visiting your blog from now on.

Hugs from Barcelona!