Saturday, September 30, 2006

A better time had by all.

I must say that this weekend has panned out a lot better than last. The wind has been mild, the temperatures more suited to a Spring day and good progress has been made on my project du jour - the ISE alpaca/silk scarf. The mental block I was suffering under seems to have dispersed and two lots of Gazebo lace have been completed. This is Bou sitting at the back door showing off the progress that has been made.

I found another tempting scarf design in a Cleckheaton Studio Mohair book that was light and lacy and challenging. If I understand the distinction correctly it was knitted lace more than lace knitting - one having a purl row on the return and the other having lace stitches on every row? The test swatch I did looked lovely so I may save it for another day.

I'm impressed with most of the designs in the Studio Mohair range. Maybe it's the art direction or the colour range that appeal to me but I have acquired all three of the pattern books in this yarn and have 3 items from these books on the go.

The garden festival we have entered has taken up all my weekends so I haven't been to any Knitting groups near or far. Next weekend knitter Sally, fresh from "sunny Bristol", will be going to the Rubi & Lana's knitting group, and hopefully bearing copies of Yarn Forward and Knit Today . A yarn Mag Hag such as myself can never have enough so I may have to do some serious roster jiggling to get to this meet or (more likely) wait til next time.

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M-H said...

Misssing you! Hope you'll get to SSK next time. We were at The Tempest last night, but there was a boy in the box...