Friday, September 08, 2006

A typical day at the office.

I had occasion recently, to visit Lara in her workplace. (I was retrieving knitting I had left behind at SSK ) She works in a lovely, light filled space with a beautiful easterly view over the harbour, freshly ground coffee on call and lots of techie stuff to play with.

On this note I thought I'd put up some shots of my usual working environment - cramped dusty lighting positions high up in the roof with a minimal view and no coffee at call.

Here is my 'office' at the moment, (working on Ben Folds unplugged - more on that later.)

On the right we have me high up in the roof above the Concert platform working on a project in this 'office'. (Fixing up the keyboard special on Mr Fold's piano)

Then I moved to a "Front of House" position and fix up a call light. Here there are lots of airconditioning ducts, winch lines, cable trays and pointy bits of sharp metal everywhere. It is not an area designed for anyone over 5ft tall , of a portly stature or in any way claustrophobic or scared of heights. I just sneak in because I'm 5'3". The rest I'm not so sure about.

This is what all that crawling around in the hot dusty cramped roof is for - Ben Folds performing with the Sydney Symphony orchestra for four nights. It has been a very pleasant experience although I am embarassed to say I knew nothing about Ben before I started this Gig. I am now able to recognise at least 8 songs from his, no doubt, extensive repetoire and they don't all sound the same to me as they did when I worked the first show. It's a very laid back show in most respect - it only has 3 cues! So this means that once the house lights have gone down I am able to concentrate on my knitting for at least 90 minutes. That more than makes up for all the hot and sweaty 'roof rat' work that precedes it. Life's Good.


Punkin said...

I am totally impressed. Wow. It sounds like you get to experience wonderful things through your work. ....and knit too!

Ginger_nut said...

how lucky are you! I love ben folds - I wish I could have been at all 4 concerts, even if albiet tucked into areas not bigger than a coffin!

m. said...

Knitting at work is the best! And great musical accompaniment is even better.