Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Op Shops

I love op shops and this is why. A quick visit to the local Vinnies store resulted in whole stash of wool including Jaeger Mohair Spun, Totem 8ply, Patons Bluebell and Heatherwood as well as a half completed jumper of Studio Mohair in a discontinued shade plus the current Cleckheaton pattern book it came from. All for about $1.00 a ball and the book thrown in for free.
It seems that someone has disposed of their Stash so I therefore undertake to find it all a good home.

We are having a Stash sale at the Guild this weekend; I'll add most of this to the not-as big-as-it-could-be pile I have managed to extract from my stash.

Now what are the chances that I'll be able to resist temptation and come away from the meeting empty handed?


Janette said...

Oh Kate - is there any chance you selling me the bluebell yarn? Thanks.

Ginger_nut said...

Hi Kate - What's the 'guild sale' you are referring to?

Kate said...

Hi Meg; Hi Janette;

It's just our local Knitting Guild branch members doing a clean out of their stash and selling it to each other - Moving all the yarn sideways really. Looks like the Bluebell has already found a home though - I know you'll do nice things with it Janette.