Sunday, September 24, 2006

Spring is here

Spring has arrived with a gale force wind. It's going to be a long and hot summer if today's 30 degree temps are anything to go by. I can smell the whiff of bushfires in the air already.

All things knitterly have been sidelined by the local Garden Festival which we are organising and entering - Glutton for punishment is the phrase of the month.

The bits of garden that haven't been blown away by the wind do look beautiful though. The creamy mass of Wonga Wonga Vines in blossom is a wonderful introduction to the small but tidy little native garden we have. Even the next door plants have climbed over the fence to join in. Their scent at night is rich and intoxicating.

Yesterday was the opening day of the festival so, for a bit of variety, local Middle Eastern Dance Groups entertained the crowd in the School playground.

Everyday 'school Mums' were transformed into swirling, shimmying, exotic denzins of the Seraglio.

It was inspiring to many of us who don't have an anorexic waif physiques, to see how graceful and senuous the dancers were. Apparently it's also a fun way to get fit.


Coleen said...

It's kind of strange to hear you talking about spring when we are gearing up for fall here! Love your pictures!

catsmum said...

bellydancing is just THE most fun... and yes, a great way to get fit... not THIN mind you... but definitely fit. The class I currently go to spans ages 19 to 60ish... I just wish your photos were a bit larger. I want to see the costumes :]
oh and btw you were commenting on the native hibiscus on another site. I've had no luck with them in a heavy frost area of central victoria not too disimilar probably to where you are, but I do know some here who have had great success.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog; I love your pictures! It's wonderful to see how beautiful it is, half a world away.