Friday, October 13, 2006


I've jumped straight into Picovoli with no second thoughts about finishing off other UFO's or what's next in the queue. The weather is a big factor in making this decision. It is Hot and therefore anything that is wool or has the slightest hint of mohair in it send my palms into an instant sweat. Even that delicate little cashmere scarf is too warm.

Luckily I had all the makings for Picovoli in the Pile ready to go. Six balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay in lovely Grass Green courtesy of Wool Shack's effective discount sales technique.

I only had to upgrade the needles to a set of Naturally 3.50 Bamboo circulars. I did this when the young Dragon was being entertained by a reptile show at the library - he got to pat a Children's Python while I nipped downstairs to Katoomba Knits and shopped for necessities.

With a pattern as popular as this one I have no lack of past examples to inspire or dissuade me. The only feature I would alter is the sleeves - I might try and make them a bit more of a cap than a strap.

I started off Picovoli as Tivoli because I couldn't be bothered doing the provisional cast on it required. I also did the first 5 or so rows flat as the my 80 cm circular was initially too stiff to magic loop. Changed my mind about the picots on the third row and put them in. I'm now in the process of knitting up my standard cable cast-on stitches into the main body to make a firm, no sag, picotlated edge (I hope) .

Of course I wish I had changed my mind about this before I had done the first increase row. I have to do some jiggery at the increase points to prevent the edge developing an extreme slant because of the extra stitches. What - why didn't I tink that extra row and do it proper? Because I'm a masochist I like a challenge.

With the No Seams, Start-at-the-top -keep-going-til-you-stop design I have high hopes of a speedy finish.

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Janette said...

Kate, that is going to be lovely! A friend knitted a Jo Sharp top last year using Cathay and it looks fabulous. She said the yarn was a little splitty, but the end result was worth the effort. I'm still working on Brocade with only a small amount to knit on the right front, then the little sleeves and it's done.

Love the Cathay colour you're using.