Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pretty in Pink

I've finished the ISE scarf and can pack it off to California just in time for winter. With its pinkness and crystal beadiness and shells it's the most girly thing I have ever made - obvious its not for me!

I don't think I'll be venturing back into the realm of 4 ply for a while though. Progress seemed to be so slow - the fact that I had to frog back to missed yarn overs in all that faggoting may have accounted for this.

Despite this I do have a Cashmere laceweight piece on the needles but that's different - don't ask me how, it just is.

A simple Feather and Fan on Size 3.5, 7 inch needles is very handy to have in the handbag for the little bit of quick knitting in the bus or on the train - the stitch is a classic and easy for me to remember. Just knit til the yarn runs out and you have a lovely, light soft little scarf.


Lara said...

Gorgeous! What is the green and blue yarn ?

Coleen said...

I like the pink girly scarf. The beads are a really nice touch. And I agree with Lara - gorgeous green and blue yarn!

Janette said...

Pretty, pretty pink scarf. Love the Cashmere laceweight piece colouring - should be beautiful when complete. How quick did you say that would be?!!