Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hard Rock

The Foo Fighters in Full Flight. I wasn't directly working on this show so I was able to get fairly close and personal to this band that (again) I had never heard before. My pop musical education stopped around the late 80's but it's been getting a big update lately. This group was pretty loud and in-your-face - not your typical hard rock group - in fact at times they were almost (dare I say it) folky, but with attitude, lots of it.

As is the way in the Concert Hall barely had the vodka bottles and beer cans been cleaned out of the dressing rooms than the next big name event came in. And for this lot the Mosh pit had to be expanded because this audience knows how to ROCK a bye baby with the best of them.

Yes it was the Playschool mob celebrating their 40th Birthday with their star studded cast:

Jemima in her Logie frock; Scrap the dog with Big and Little Ted, a single Banana in pajama with Humpty all waiting backstage for their entrance cue.

The audience went mad, screaming and waving; some having to be physically restrained in their seats. Three shows today and another three tomorrow - "If You're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands" one more time!

The good thing about this lovely happy little show is that I have been able to finish the ISE Scarf and graft it together. The Faggot stitch grafts leave something to be desired unfortunately but the rest will shake down in the Block - then it's add a few baubles and beads and it's on its pinky, silky, alpaca way. This will then leave the way open for the completion of the neglected items in the progress bar which have been static to the point of fossilisation.

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